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Strategic Process for Recruiting Employees Free Essays

Representative arranging, enrolling, choosing, staffing and employing is frequently an extremely troublesome, opportune and costly errand for any association wishing to get by in today’s economy. All together for any association to be fruitful they should draw in and recruit the most gifted workers that fit the way of life of the association. The representatives make up an association, so to be fruitful they should have a severe key procedure set up to select the ideal individuals for their association. We will compose a custom article test on Vital Process for Recruiting Employees or on the other hand any comparable subject just for you Request Now There are numerous techniques that associations use to enlist workers which incorporate, the pipeline approach, intensity, business marking, sourcing, assorted variety and innovation to give some examples. (ere. net, 2008, 4) At Patton â€Fuller Community Hospital a considerable lot of these techniques are utilized adequately by their Human Resource office. The pipeline approach is a procedure that is by all accounts one of the most significant enrolling systems on the grounds that the methodology assembles a constant flow of candidates, and takes into consideration resumes and applications to come in, and figure everything out into specialized topics that might be required not far off. It is significant for associations to get ready for a need that may create over the long haul. It is likewise critical to take note of that in each industry there lies a contender. Associations must observe what the contender is doing consistently with regards to enlistment procedures. This methodology is one that could be embraced by Patton-Fuller Community Hospital on account of losing a representative; it is consistently a smart thought to have back-ups that might be accessible or enlisted from the opposition. Business marking is critical in the selecting procedure for any association, particularly in the clinical field. The representatives are pulled in to a hospital’s outside picture similar to an innovator in the social insurance calling. Potential representatives need to have faith in where they work, and emergency clinics and different associations can accomplish this by painting this outer picture of what the association is tied in with, pulling in numerous capable candidates. Sourcing is a basic ecruitment procedure for Patton-Fuller Community Hospital. â€Å"If you don’t use sources that pull in a high level of top entertainers, it is impossible you will make a quality recruit. † (ere. net, 2008, 8) Patton-Fuller depends upon their top-performing employees’ referrals, and spotters that can screen possible candidates to guarantee that they don’t end up with a frail recruit. Assorted variety is getting critical in all enterprises, however particularly in the medical clinic setting. By employing assorted individuals, the necessities of the various patients that come into the medical clinic can be treated by a differing gathering of people with various abilities for various positions. Decent variety for Patton-Fuller will take into account this clinic to succeed, so it is significant that they contemplate this for each recruit. Innovation is the key for some, emergency clinics wishing to get by in today’s economy. With new advances on the ascent Patton-Fuller can keep on promoting their requirements on the web, which will spare the organization time and cash by speeding up and improve screening. In the clinical field it is critical to have the most capable, devoted group of experts on staff to think about the requirements of patients. The workers must be trusted by the patients, yet in addition the staff. So as to guarantee that the first class representatives are picked, Patten-Fuller Community Hospital should keep on utilizing the enrolling systems that they at present use and attempt others as the eventual fate of innovation is continually evolving. Step by step instructions to refer to Strategic Process for Recruiting Employees, Essay models

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4 Tips for Writing Amazing Notre Dame Essays

4 Tips for Writing Amazing Notre Dame Essays SAT/ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips The University of Notre Dame is one of the most renowned colleges in the United States. It pulls in the best and most brilliant understudies from around the nation truth be told, 38% of the understudy body positioned in the top 1% of their secondary school graduating classes! That implies that most candidates will have excellent scholastic records. Since most candidate have astonishing evaluations and transcripts, your Notre Dame application articles will be one of the most significant ways for you to stand apart from the group! This guide will walk you through all that you have to think about composing Notre Dame’s application papers. We’ve broken it into a couple of significant areas. To start with, we’ll give you an outline of the Notre Dame supplement. At that point we’ll walk you through each article exclusively and answer the accompanying inquiries: What is the paper requesting that you do? What makes for a clever response? What are some potential article themes? Are there traps you ought to stay away from? Lastly, we’ll give you four top tips for taking your Notre Dame papers to the following level.So let’s begin! Why Are the Notre Dame Application Essays Important? The hard truth is that getting into Notre Dame is intense. Just 17% of candidates in 2018 were acknowledged, which makes Notre Dame harder to get into than schools like Emory University and Vassar! What's more, in light of the fact that Notre Dame draws in top ability, conceded understudies likewise gloat superb government sanctioned grades. Truth be told, the normal Notre Dame understudy scored between a 1410â€1540 on their SAT or a 33â€35 on their ACT. So that makes one wonder: what sort of candidates get conceded? As indicated by the Notre Dame Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Notre Dame is searching for balanced, enthusiastic understudies who exceed expectations in the study hall and are engaged with the network. Here’s how Notre Dame summarizes the significance of the paper part of your application: Your papers are the most agreeable piece of the application understanding procedure. Why? Since we find out about significant choices you’ve made, undertakings you’ve endure, and exercises you’ve learned, family customs you’ve experience. At the end of the day, affirmations instructors need to realize that if you’re conceded, you’ll take advantage of your time at Notre Dame-both inside and outside the study hall The Notre Dame expositions are your opportunity to show confirmations advisors that you’re the entire bundle, particularly since Notre Dame doesn't direct affirmations interviews. That implies your exposition reactions will be one of your lone chances to show confirmations advocates that you’re a magnificent fit for their college. An Overview of the Notre Dame Supplement The Notre Dame supplement is accessible through either the Common App or the Coalition App sites. The Common App and the Coalition App are online stages that let you apply to different universities without a moment's delay. In the event that you aren’t sure what they are or how to utilize them, look at our advisers for rounding out the Common App and the Coalition App, which incorporate tips for handling the individual expositions! Here’s where things get somewhat precarious: the Notre Dame supplement is submitted notwithstanding the application you have just rounded out. That implies you will present extra expositions explicit to Notre Dame on the articles you’ve composed for your general application bundle. That’s why it’s called the Notre Dame supplement! The 2 Parts of the Notre Dame Supplement The enhancement itself requests that you compose and submit three extra expositions, which are part into two gatherings: Initially, there’s the compulsory paper. This is the brief that each and every individual who applies to Notre Dame must answer. For your next two papers, you’re offered the decision between four prompts and should response two. The online entryways give you somewhere in the range of 150 and 200 words to react to each incite, however the Notre Dame confirmations site asks that each article is 150 words. We suggest that you keep your exposition as near 150 words as could be expected under the circumstances! We know that’s not a great deal of room, yet recollect: your affirmations expositions are about quality, not amount. Since you have a general feeling of the Notre Dame supplement, let’s investigate each exposition point. Paper 1: â€Å"Why Notre Dame?† What energizes you about the University of Notre Dame that makes it stand apart from different organizations? Keep in mind: this exposition point is required, which implies you should answer it to finish the enhancement. Be that as it may, don’t worry...we’re going to walk you through the procedure! What Is the Essay Asking You to Do? This brief is basically the â€Å"Why This College?† question. This is a typical supplemental article question intended to help affirmations instructors comprehend why Notre Dame-and actually no other college!- is the ideal school for you. The â€Å"Why Notre Dame† brief additionally fills another need: it causes they need to get a feeling of how you, as both an understudy and as an individual, will add to the Notre Dame people group. In responding to this inquiry, your main responsibility is to show affirmations advisors that you’re the ideal fit for Notre Dame, and visa versa. What Makes for a Good Answer? Get your work done. The way to composing an astonishing â€Å"Why Notre Dame?† exposition is demonstrating affirmations advocates that you’ve truly delved into the assets and openings accessible at the school. Doing this demonstrates you’re more than intrigued it shows you’re energetic and spurred, as well. As you examine, see explicit classes you may be keen on taking or potentially teachers you should investigate under. (Here’s a rundown of the considerable number of schools and divisions at Notre Dame to kick you off!) For instance, on the off chance that you need to program the following Alexa, you’ll need to make reference to taking classes like Artificial Intelligence and Software Development Practices. Or on the other hand if relieving malignant growth is more your thing, you can specify working with Dr. Jessica Brown, who is looking into RNA to more readily see how malignant growth functions. Not certain what you need to study yet? Forget about it. This is a typical inquiry we get with regards to the â€Å"Why This College?† article. The basic answer is: it’s alright to not know! Confirmations advocates realize that your major isn’t unchangeable, yet they would like to see that you’re pondering what's to come. Regardless of whether you’re not 100% sure about what you need to do later on, pick a potential major for composing this brief. Don’t ignore the Notre Dame people group, either. Confirmations instructors are searching for understudies who will accomplish more than study-they need to discover individuals who will become individuals from the network, as well. For example, on the off chance that you were in theater in secondary school, you should take part in Shakespeare at Notre Dame! Likewise, numerous divisions have their own understudy associations (like the American Studies Club or Beta Gamma Sigma, a business praises society). Ensure you check departmental pages for this data. One speedy note about religion: Notre Dame is a Catholic college, such huge numbers of its locale programs are strictly subsidiary. Except if you’re genuine about turning into an individual from one of these gatherings, don’t notice it in your article. Affirmations instructors read a large number of utilizations consistently, and they will know whether you’re being true! Begin narrowing things down. Presently that you’ve done your examination and have a rundown of classes, educators, programs, and extracurriculars, pick the a few things that stand apart most. You just have 150 words, so you have to give yourself space to discuss the things you’ve picked! Relate your points to your objectives. Keep in mind, your main responsibility is to show confirmations advocates that Notre Dame is the main school for you. Clarify how the classes, projects, and exercises you’ve referenced will put you on the way to accomplish your objectives. For instance, in the event that you need to contemplate immature brain science, clarify how your coursework and involvement with Notre Dame will assist you with proceeding to inquire about how internet based life influences adolescents’ mental health. By making it individual, you’ll have the option to underline how Notre Dame is the main spot that can show you the way to progress. What Are Some Potential Essay Topics? Alongside the models we notice prior in this segment, here are a couple of different points you should seriously mull over for this article: Discussion about how you want to add to a particular continuous research venture with teacher in your area of expertise. Clarify your future profession objectives and notice how joining explicit grounds associations will help put you on the way to progress. Talk about how you need to take classes in two divisions so as to consider an issue in your future calling in new ways. Are There Pitfalls You Should Avoid? Maintain a strategic distance from all inclusive statements. Ensure you’re being as explicit as conceivable about what makes Notre Dame exceptional. Don’t simply state you’re eager to go to due to the school’s concentrate abroad projects most, if not every, significant school in the United States offer investigation abroad. What explicit projects does Notre Dame offer that you can’t find anyplace else? The equivalent goes for discussing your profession advantages. Don’t state that you need to stop environmental change. How would you like? By what means will explicit classes, educators, and research openings at Notre Dame assist you with sparing the world? Let sports well enough alone. We know, we know: some portion of the intrigue of Notre Dame is joining the army of Fighting Irish. Be that as it may, except if you’re going along with one of the athletic groups, foc

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Sharpens and Mauritius, or likewise referred to for short as H&M, is a major billion dollar Swedish style organization which takes part in structuring and retailing design items from beautifiers, outwear and extras for men, ladies and kids. Working everywhere throughout the globe, all through 43 nations with 2206 stores, there are different vital issues which H&M need to deliver to stay with the pushing ahead and increment the market. H&M has an enormous worldwide officeholders including Ezra being its most huge competitor.Ezra has not been around for so long as H&M and it is as of now being viewed as a ‘serious challenge' which makes H&M questions the supportability of the current equation. Utilizing vital administration themes we can additionally talk about this issue. To start the PASTEL Framework can be utilized comparable to vital administration and H&M. By utilizing PASTEL we can classifications natural components into explicit key sorts, which are political, monetary, social, innovative, biological and legal.These will assist us with explaining that ecological variables don't Just rotate around financial powers yet different powers which have been referenced and all are intuitive with each other. Legislative issues are powers both all through the globe and in explicit gatherings inside zones which impact certain conduct and responses. These impacts can emerge out of different political developments and concerned media. For instance H&M in the past opened up a store in Israel's Jerusalem Malta Shopping Mall which is worked in a past Palestinian town of al-Malta.Since this town has been ethnically washed down and made those occupants be alluded to as exiles in their own property. This occurred all through the 1948 Naked and caused overall dissent by actuates at H stores. Every one of those fights going on around the globe gave a great deal of negative notoriety and unneeded thoughtfulness regarding H. Despite the fact that the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm accepted that opening the store in Israel would help tit ‘peace procedures and benefits' to H †it despite everything didn't influence the sentiments of those fighting nor did it change the manner in which H took care of the circumstance at hand.Instead H chose not to see a huge human rights infringement and ignored totally what was going on and this made activists start the overall methodology of activity Boycott. Something comparative happened in the past with an alternate dress brand named Mummy, however they didn't finish their stores in Israel and till today won't open a store until the politically-sanctioned racial segregation framework is gotten off. Furthermore, in reference to Section C, Article 3 of the Responsibilities of exchange organizations and different business undertakings (2003) H is really breaking the regulations.It states that â€Å"Business ventures will not participate in nor advantage from atrocities, wrongdoings against humanity†¦ Other infringement of helpful law and other worldwide violations against the human individual as characterized by global law, specifically human rights and philanthropic law' Ecological factors in PASTEL structure is whatever falls under natural issues which is certainly something applicable to H&M. H&M produces an uncommon assortment named the ‘conscious collection† utilizing just feasible materials.As referenced on their site they are attempting to push for design for what's to come. With these responsibilities come seven guarantees likewise expressed on their site. Give design to cognizant clients Choose and prize capable accomplices Be moral Be atmosphere savvy Reduce, reuse, reuse Use characteristic assets mindfully Strengthen people group Under the PASTEL structure, mechanical is any impacts that H utilizes for their material. Because of these, H was positioned number 21 out of 100 for the most mark worldwide brands as indicated by b ury brand in 2011, with a brand estimation of 16. Billion dollars. In correlation with close contender Ezra positioned in at number 44 with 8 billion dollars of brand esteem. This enormous contrast can mostly be ascribed to H&M's drawn out publicizing efforts with prominent superstars. So as to upgrade the estimation of its image name, H spends around 5% of its income on promoting. H has likewise settled a solid internet based life nearness. The organization plans to turn out to be a piece of its client's day by day survives its pages on Backbone,Twitter, Instating, Google+ and Youth just as the Chinese internet based life systems Yuk and Sins Webb. Through these systems supporters share thoughts and sentiments and find fast solutions to their inquiries. This is significant during the current day and ages were individuals would prefer not to sit tight for a really long time. Likewise new style recordings and catwalks are continually transferred to Youth with a huge number of per spectives. The App for utilizes is likewise new which offers the most recent assortment and crusades and discover what is new.In connection to vital administration it's critical to take note of the Five Forces Framework hen deciding the serious powers. On the off chance that an industry has low seriousness, at that point there will be a normal elevated level of benefit then in contrast with an industry with high intensity. H has significant level of seriousness with Ezra accordingly their net revenue is close for a huge scope. By utilizing Porters Five Forces Framework we can gauge 1) risk of passage 2) danger of substitutes 3) intensity of purchasers 4) intensity of providers 5) degree of contention between competitors.In respects to contenders and contention, the serious adversary for H is Ezra and a substitute would be some place like Target/Smart. Ezra would be a predominant association to H with its items being fundamentally the same as. A low separation between organizations i s likewise an issue as both are thought to be comparable when spoken about with buyers. The danger of section works in H's bit of leeway as they have various items which Ezra doesn't offer †for instance the cognizant assortment. The danger of replacement is a major one for this industry as Ezra and H&M are intently knitted.Firstly being value/execution apportions. Sara's items are marginally more significant expenses than H yet in general the costs/execution proportion is exceptionally close. SQ. Drawing on pertinent themes in this unit, what do you consider to be H's uncommon and incomparable vital ability/sister? Clarify your answer. How would you think H&M can recognize and use or adventure its uncommon and supreme key ability/sister to accomplish or continue its upper hand and react to the basic issue that you have distinguished in IQ?Upon investigate and further adding something extra to the subject I would consider the reality H&M has its own range the cogniza nt assortment' contacting a crowd of people of the individuals who are have the need to assist the earth with being its uncommon and matchless key capacities. H and M, is an ecologically cognizant organization, which gives prudent style items around the world (43 nations) so as to satisfy the seven responsibilities to the networks. The monetary emergency was extremely solid and it might build the enthusiasm of the populace for inexpensively chic clothes.Not just has H discovered a hole in the design showcase, yet they have discovered a best in class issue and had the option to arrive at it with a positive result. With all the issues around the world, H realized it expected to put its cash into the correct things to keep deals up and to likewise get new deals. With H having a major job in the design business, they would not like to go under any increasingly negative examination as this would bring a negative impression of the organization. This is the place the thought ran over with the arrangement for utilizing just supportable materials for the arrival of the new range, the ‘conscious collection'.Along with this came certain responsibilities which included, receiving moral works on, improving working conditions and utilizing characteristic assets capably. The choice to present the range and duties was organized completely through its key capacities as these do be able to add to a drawn out edge and furthermore an upper hand. H&M followed ‘Tech' with the three nonexclusive kinds of dynamic abilities as this has become the norm and most basic practice in industries.The first point is ‘sensing where H has understood that there are new chances. No other quick style dress brand has presented an ecological amicable range right now in time so it was the ideal thought. Next point is ‘seizing is when H&M supplanted the genuine hole in the market with the line. In conclusion ‘reconfiguring is fundamentally what H are continually do ing with its update of the line. As new design comes all through season continually, H need to keep its new line up to date.As you can tell H has huge limit abilities which are required for an association to stay up with the latest with the prerequisites in the style showcase and with different contenders. In vital administration mentality utilizing BRIO† is imperative to increase upper hand. Regardless the item which has been acquainted by H&M needs with be of significant worth to the clients so it can produce higher income or lower expenses to the business. So in this occurrence this item hadn't been acquainted with the quick design oral so its estimation is very and energizing for the industry.Therefore H&M with this item has made the most of its chances and dangers, comprehends its incentive to clients and thought about the expense. Next is the need of the item to have irregularity. On the off chance that an item is presented which is significant yet normal all thr ough different contenders, at that point it's improbable it will be a significant wellspring of upper hand. Accordingly it's significant that the presented line is something uncommon and will carry clients to the shop particularly to view and buy this line.As you can tell he vital capacities that permits H&M to be progressed isn't as direct and straightforward as suspected. In this prologue to this line H&M kept in the brain the following stage being the Inimitabl

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Nhs Scholarship Essay Samples Secrets That No One Else Knows About

Nhs Scholarship Essay Samples Secrets That No One Else Knows About The Nhs Scholarship Essay Samples Cover Up With this, you have to make certain that you will read and fully-understand the directions about developing a specific scholarship essay. In writing a scholarship essay, you always need to look at the purpose on why you must create one. A specialized essay writing service gives essay services on all kinds of essays. Becoming mindful of common essay mistakes and the way to repair them can help you produce an impressive scholarship essay. Scholarship essay isn't a paper at which you can forgive yourself misspellings or formatting inaccuracy. While scholarship essay format won't offer you any credentials, they need to be able to steer you properly on how best to compose the appropriate essay. Nursing essay examples can enable you to understand how to compose a great thesis statement. That means you can be certain of excellent scholarship essay examples. The introduction must supply a whole comprehension of what the audience is all about to search. If you are certain concerning the repute of a specific essay writing service then it's possible to approach their site for finding the essential assistance. In addition, a customer may ask the writer to submit part of the job for review and, if needed, ask her or him to make corrections. Additionally, the timely response from our customer service will be supplied in a few minutes. Your future is extremely important. When there are in reality many abilities and indi vidual characteristics which make a terrific nurse, described below, you will discover the top five strengths necessary for success in the nursing profession. So as to convince the judges you need to get the scholarship rather than the other applicants, you've got to tell the judges what makes you a better candidate. Being part of a very good educational institution can be very costly. What you will need is something which can enable you to get in. Therefore, it's completely okay if you ask someone for support. The sort of essay you're looking for will be offered to you within the deadline provided to you. With the skilled writers of our team, you do not need to fear about anything once it comes to nursing essay writing help. All About Nhs Scholarship Essay Samples Before you truly begin filling out your scholarship applications, you must devote some time contemplating how to write a scholarship essay that will secure the results which you desire. A scholarship essayis par t of ascholarship application. That means you can order for our high school scholarship essay examples without needing to be worried about your private information. Our nursing scholarship essay examples can increase the odds of your admission to a nursing program. You may easily buy unique college essays and don't neglect to tell friends and family about it. The scholarship essays can be found in heaps online, but all of them might not be of precisely the same quality. A sample scholarship essay can be an excellent aid for students as it can give them of the actual idea about the wants and requirements of this kind of essay. Writing a scholarship essay may not be a very simple undertaking for many students. Your future is dependent on it. There's nobody way to compose a winning scholarship application. Many scholarships are provided to very specific groups or kinds of students, so make sure that you fit within that group. The students who would like to be prosperous in this sort of challenge must make sure they refer just to the superior examples of scholarship essays for making a very good impression on its readers. The very first step to any essay writing is to select a subject of interest. Freelance essay writer You are able to l ook for freelance essay writers on the net also. Writing is a present that comes naturally. Writing a leadership essay isn't as complex as it appears. Before beginning writing, make sure that you satisfy the requirements and criteria for application. Even in the event the essay prompt is the very same, do some research into the particular scholarship or offering organization to observe ways to better reach them. You are able to get nursing application essay examples at very affordable prices from us. Plot overview of the homework machine. The samples on this list gives you a very clear image of exactly what you should be making. How much time does it take to compose an 8 page research paper. PaperCoach will be able to help you with all your papers, so take a look at this time! The total format of your essay, for example, font size and margins, will solely count on the instructions offered to you.

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Robinson Jeffers Life and Poetry - 1089 Words

Robinson Jeffers: Life and Poetry â€Å"Poetry is more primitive than prose. It existed before prose and will exist afterward, it is not domesticated, it is wilder and more natural† (qtd. in Hunt, â€Å"Prose†). Robinson Jeffers said this about poetry, and a reader can feel this in his poems. Jeffers lived an interesting and fulfilling life. He enjoyed the solitude of his home on Carmel Point, and spending time with his family. He wrote during the Modern Era, but he didn’t write like a modernist. Jeffers wrote as if he was speaking with the reader. â€Å"Hurt Hawks† was criticized by Tim Hunt. Hunt said that it was one of Jeffers’s greatest poems. Another appreciated poem, â€Å"Oh Lovely Rock†, has been analyzed as well. His descriptive setting makes it feel real to a reader. Robinson Jeffers was a prominent, award winning, American poet in the Modern Era who changed the format of poetry with his prophetic and enlightening writings including â€Å"Hurt Hawks† and â₠¬Å"Oh Lovely Rock†. Robinson Jeffers was born on January 10, 1887 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His parents were Dr. William Hamilton Jeffers and Annie Robinson Tuttle Jeffers. His father was a Presbyterian minister and a biblical scholar. Jeffers never had any siblings. His family traveled to Europe quite often and they would stay for a long periods of time. Jeffers’ education occurred mostly in Germany and Switzerland over the years 1898-1902. He learned German and French and could also converse in Italian. Before his family returned toShow MoreRelated Robinson Jeffers Essay2378 Words   |  10 Pages The Nature of Man by Robinson Jeffers Robinson Jeffers is one of the twentieth centuries most important and controversial poets. He, like others in history, has tried to give his opinion about life. Many poets in the twentieth century focused on issues affecting mankind, Jeffers is no exception. Most of his work was inspired by his surroundings. One’s environment is great source for poetic inspiration. Poets come and go, but their ideas are kept alive through their poems. Whether they are a hundredRead More Arguing for Authenticity: A Comparison and Contrast of Two American Modern Poets, Robert Frost and Langston Hughes2163 Words   |  9 Pagesâ€Å"[F]uture commentators on American poetry and political issues will not be able to ignore the †¦ authentic voice of the region,† argues Barry Ahearn, author of the article Poetry: 1900 to the 1940s, which discusses the importance of the author writing about his or her region of choice in their poetry and how it affects their writing (Ahearn 373). Ahearn d iscusses writers such as Sterling A. Brown, Langston Hughes, H.D. (Hilda Doolittle), Robert Frost, Robinson Jeffers, Edna St. Vincent Millay, LorineRead MoreNative Queer Identity By San Francisco1936 Words   |  8 Pagesambiguous enough, general readership doesn’t catch Whitman’s subtle allusions; however, those attuned to these veiled innuendos understand that the relationships being described in the poetry are homoerotic. For these reasons and many more, California and San Francisco were characterized as ‘queer’ very early on. Queer Life in the Early 20th Century Largely because of bar culture, early 20th century San Francisco began to test the limits of sexual and gender expression. Because San Francisco was and

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The Headstrong Historian By Kurt Vonnegut - 1043 Words

A short story about a dystopian future in which everyone is equal and a short story about a Nigerian family reclaiming their history, on the surface, seem unalike, but Kurt Vonnegut’s â€Å"Harrison Burgeron† and Chimanda Ngozi Adichie’s â€Å"The Headstrong Historian† bear a strong resemblance when further examined. â€Å"Harrison Burgeron† and â€Å"The Headstrong Historian†, while seemingly different stories, share many similar themes and ideas. While â€Å"Harrison Bergeron† mainly considers people’s concept of equality this is not the central theme of â€Å"The Headstrong Historian†. They both delve into the theme of oppression. Vonnegut wrote â€Å"Harrison Burgeron† in 1961 while Adichie wrote â€Å"The Headstrong Historian† in 2008. Vonnegut’s short story was written in the midst of the Cold War, suggesting a potential connection to the ideas of communism and socialism. Adichie is a writer famous for her work in which she closely examines African culture. On a surface level, these stories could not seem more different. â€Å"Harrison Burgeron† and â€Å"the Headstrong Historian† obviously have completely different settings. The beginning of â€Å"Harrison Burgeron† informs the reader that it takes place in the United States in the year 2081. The majority of â€Å"The Headstrong Historian† takes place in West Africa in the late 1800s and early 1900s. â€Å"Harrison Burgeron† takes place in a society where change seems to be nowhere in sight. In â€Å"The Headstrong Historian†, Nwamgba finds herself in â€Å"a world that increasingly made no

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Mise en scene Essay Example For Students

Mise en scene Essay Give a detailed commentary on a sequence, or sequences from a film of your choice in terms of two of the any of the following: mise-en-scene; editing; use of colour; lighting; sound; special effects.  The film I have chosen is Goodfellas directed by Martin Scorsese in 1990, based on the novel by Nicholas Pileggi Wiseguy. The reason for this is that it gained many awards for the cinematography used and partly through personal preference. The scene I have chosen is called Cast of characters; Tommys a funny guy. This is the post-transitional scene from when the lead character was an adolescent to becoming a young man. The purpose of the scene is basically to establish his friends and the social community in which he associates with. The main influence as to why I chose this scene is that of the cinematographic content and technical structure in relation to the film narration. I have chosen to discuss the sound elements of the scene and mise-en-scene. I chose sound as it is a key element in the structure of the narration and form of the scene. I chose to discuss mise-en-scene as the relationship of each element involved has important significance to the cinematography. The sequence is set in Sonnys Bamboo Lounge, a lounge bar and a regular mafia types hang out, in down town New York, 1963. Sound  There are three main types of sound in the world of cinema and I will be looking at them individually but some in more depths than others. The three types are dialogue, music and sound effects. All the sounds you hear in the sequence are parallel, which means that they are parallel to the context of what we see.  The majority of the dialogue we hear during the sequence is that of the lead character Henry Hill, and is in the form of narration, or so it seems. There is minor dialogue from the supporting characters but does not play a significant part in the construction of the film narrative or sequence in question. A copy of the original draft of the script can be found in the appendix. There is music playing all the way through the scene. The music is relevant to the time period the sequence is constructed in and is significant in the role of setting the mood.  Diegetic sound is any voice, musical passage or sound effect presented as originating from a source within the films world. Diegetic sounds included in the sequence are broken down into specific categories, which include dialogue, narration (although narration is considered non-diegetic sound, in this particular scene the explanation would suggest otherwise) music and some sound effects. The music in the scene is represented as coming from a source within the sequence and therefore is regarded as diegetic sound. But at the same time it acts as background music because it adds to mood of the lounge bar, it is the type of music you would expect to hear in a New York lounge bar in that era. The music plays throughout and mutes for the narration of the lead character when required. This is purely for communication purposes and that as viewers, it subtlety suggests that we listen. The sequence takes place in a bar lounge, filled with people so the constant muffle of people talking can be heard throughout. The significance of the muffled background talking is that it gives logic to the setting of which we see. We would expect to hear this kind of noise if we were in a lounge bar, filled with people. With the use of sound and vision we create logic in our heads that is taken on subconsciously. 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This is evident through the actual meanings of the terms. Non-diegetic sound is sound, such as music or narrators commentary represented as coming from a source outside the narrative. The narration of the scene comes as a direct commentary from inside the narrative and also crosses over with the combination of dialogue. Internal diegetic sound is represented as coming from the mind of the character within the story space. Although the character and we can hear it, we assume that the other characters cannot. Narration means, the process through which the plot conveys or withh olds story information. The narration can be more or less restricted to character knowledge and more or less deep in presenting characters mental perceptions and thoughts. The point where the narration and dialogue interact is highlighted below; Henry Hill Voiceover:  And Jimmy two times, who got that nickname because he said everything twice. Like you wanna go get the papers, get the papers.  The reason for the use of this technique in the sequence is to put the viewer is put in the head of the character. It creates a point of view impression. This is also achieved through the use of cinematography, which will be discussed later. The sound in the sequence is notably simultaneous sound, diegetic sound represented as occurring at the same time in the story as the image it accompanies. It is also known as synchronous sound as it is matched temporarily with the movements occurring in the images, as when dialogue corresponds to lip movement. This is simply to retain the logic of sound and vision coming together. If sound and vision did not correspond, you would represent a different perception of the films narrative. The lead character Henry Hill, who maintains a certain speech pattern throughout the scene, conducts the voiceover. The pace of his voice is seemingly a fraction slower than average, it seems to be in sync with the camera movements, which enhances the effect of the point of view technique. The tone of voice creates a sense of relaxation by sounding quite muted and monotonous. The volume of his voice remains low and constant throughout the sequence, which adds to the creation of mood and tone. There is no emotion in his voice, but it sounds descriptive which is what the character is doing, describing his associates. Sound effects include the clinking of glasses as people toast, background noises such as people talking in muffled voices and as the voiceover is underway, the music plays the role of background music.  Sound perspective in this sequence is in relation to vision perspective. You hear the sounds you would expect to hear i.e. glass smash 3 feet away from you, high volume; glass smash 30 feet away from you, low volume. Sound representation in this sequence is used to its potential in relation of setting the mood and establishing narrative form.  The voiceover technique used is very effective in achieving the goal of creating a point of view position for the viewer. This is attained through the use of techniques discussed above. The combination of sound and vision in the sequence is used successfully to achieve the effect of establishing mood and atmosphere, relative to the narrative form.